Welcome to Our Health Series

Chelating Mercury and Lead with Jan Martin – May 2, 2023

In the first Health Series interview with Dr. Christopher Exley, we discussed how to remove aluminum from our bodies by drinking one liter of water that is high in silicic acid (Fiji or Acilis) and to avoid adding more aluminum to our body burden by keeping the intake level as low as possible in our food, drink, makeup, household goods, and so forth. Dr. Exley’s 2020 book, Imagine You Are an Aluminum Atom: Discussions with Mr. Aluminum (Skyhorse Publishing), explains all about aluminum and how to remove it.

This interview focuses on chelating (removing) mercury and lead from the body. Neither of these toxic metals is supposed to be in the body, and both can build up over time, making us very ill and even bringing us to an early grave.

Mercury, as described in the 2010 book The Age of Autism: Mercury, Medicine and a Man-Made Epidemic” by Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill, is “the Great Pretender.” Mercury toxicity can mimic many different types of illnesses and their symptoms, including “the tremors of Parkinson’s, the hallucinations of schizophrenia, the paralysis/contractures of stroke, [and] gastrointestinal pain of ulcers and cancers.” In their 2019 book What Really Makes You Ill? Why Everything You Thought You Knew about Disease Is Wrong, Dawn Lester and David Parker also explain that the severity of symptoms can vary related to the amount of mercury poisoning. Acute, high-dose exposures to mercury bring on intense symptoms of kidney failure, hallucinations, and sometimes death. Lower doses can provoke “unusual irritability, timidity, and suicidal tendencies,” while even lower doses may prompt symptoms similar to a cold or flu, joint pain, or headaches. Andrew Cutler, PhD pointed out in his 1999 book Amalgam Illnessthat mercury creates severe inflammation in the body and blocks production of the glutathione that we need to help get rid of harmful toxins.

Health Series: Faith Over Fear, a Nurse’s Fight to Save Lives with Nicole Sirotek, BSN, RN – August 18, 2022

Nicole Sirotek is the founder of American Frontline Nurses (AFN), a non-profit with the primary objective of educating, equipping, and empowering nurses, patients, and families to advocate for their health care and receive safe and appropriate care. AFN has a weekly Ask the Nurses Podcast, live Zoom meetings, and a fabulous Nurse Advocate Network that is a force of good in a landscape of evil murder-medicine. Since they began in 2021, the Nurse Advocate Network has helped thousands stay healthy, heal from infections without a hospital visit, and navigate/escape hospital systems safely.

When Nicole got a call in early 2020 to fly across the country to work on the front lines of Covid in New York City, she didn’t think twice. For over 10 years, she had specialized in critical care, trauma, and flight nursing, so she was excited to use her extensive knowledge in acute care to help her fellow Americans during the pandemic. Instead of joining others of her stature, however, she walked into a nightmare of medical mismanagement, malpractice, and murder.

The more Nicole fought to keep her patients alive, the more pushback she encountered from the hospital management, until one day she couldn’t take it anymore and reached out to the world via social media for help. Her heartbreaking video went viral—and her anonymity as a wife, mother of two little ones, and a nurse became a thing of the past. The attacks on her as a Covid whistleblower nurse have been brutal, with death threats, home break-ins, and armies of trolls encouraged by TikTok influencers to “Call the Nevada Board of Registered Nursing and report Nicole for misinformation.” As a result, her nursing license is currently in jeopardy. None of this stopped Nicole from doing what she was trained to do: Save Lives.

Join me and Nurse Nicole as we “talk shop” about nursing, zombie Covid nurses, clot shots, and the death care system versus a vision of true health care. She is intelligent, inspiring, and strong, and loves her patients like her own family. Nicole is a true Solari Health Series hero.

Health Series: Finding Health in the Aluminum Age with Dr. Christopher Exley – June 2, 2022

I first came to know of Dr. Chris Exley in 2015 while researching various toxins that might have harmed my son as part of his vaccine injury. Exley wasn’t an “autism researcher” and definitely not an ex-vaxxer like the majority of the vaccine-injured community. He is the world’s top expert in the third most abundant element in the Earth’s crust: aluminum.

In his 2020 book, Imagine You Are an Aluminum Atom: Discussions with Mr. Aluminum, written during the pandemic lockdowns, Dr. Exley suggests we all need to know more about aluminum. Not a typical metal in the same way as mercury or lead, aluminum is particularly dangerous to all life because it is “superabundant” and “super-reactive,” both chemically and biologically, and our bodies have no idea how to handle any encounter with this metal.

In addition to talking about his book, we discuss some of the groundbreaking research findings of Exley and his research team, including the discovery of aluminum as “a” cause (not “the” cause) of familial Alzheimer’s, the dangers of aluminum-rich infant formula to our babies, and how aluminum gathers into lymphocytes in the brain tissue of people with autism. Exley’s open-access 2018 study on “aluminium in brain tissue in autism” has been downloaded a million times—more than any other study in history.

In a sane world, Exley should have received a Nobel Prize for his work. Instead, however, he has been a victim of cancel culture and scientific censorship, losing his university position and funding.

Our discussion wraps up with actions we can take to live safely in what Exley calls the Aluminum Age. “Finding Health in the Aluminum Age” can be like unlocking the fountain of youth for all of us. Simple measures include drinking one liter of silicon-rich water per day—clinically shown to remove aluminum from the body via the urine—as well as choosing safer cosmetics (many deodorants and sunscreens contain aluminum), using aluminum-free cookware, and avoiding foods that contain aluminum.

Solari Health Series: The Inspiration to Take Action with Jennifer Walters – March 31, 2022

It is my pleasure to introduce our new series: the Solari Health Series. This coming week, we publish my interview with host Jennifer Walters, BSN-RN, PHN, MFA.

Jennifer and I have been talking about the “aha” moments in our life when we realized that we had to take charge of our health—and we had to become exceptionally discerning users of a health care system in which therapies are increasingly dictated by the government and the pharmaceutical and insurance industries. I asked Jennifer to share some of her most important “aha” moments, including the story about when her son’s vaccine injury years ago set her on a much more independent path.

Jennifer is a registered nurse with experience working in hospitals and with a wide variety of patients, including in the areas of labor and delivery, home health care, and patient advocacy. A review of her resume tells you that this is a person who is literate in everything from the full gamut of homemade kitchen remedies to the most sophisticated procedures and lab testing that medicine can offer. Most importantly, Jennifer is a mother responsible for family nutrition and her children’s health.

Whether we are learning to take better care of ourselves or how to navigate the medical war zones in our lives, staying healthy has become an exceptionally important but complicated task. The more we can learn about how to do so—and, as much as possible, take care of our health in ways that are practical and economic—the better.

I and the Solari team are very grateful that Jennifer has agreed to take this task on. Please take this opportunity to welcome her to our team and give her your ideas and feedback on what you would like her to cover in the Solari Health Series.